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My 8 year old and panic attacks.

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blondie1976 Fri 17-Jul-15 21:23:28

My DD is 8 years old and today had quite a bad panic attack.

She is a very anxious child with a severe phobia of blood/pain where her reaction will be to faint.

Today picking her up from my mums, we were just about to leave when suddenly it was like something switched in her, I almost didn't recognise her, you would think something terrible had happened ( it didn't, as I was there). She suddenly started speaking/shouting in a panic, she was dizzy, she couldn't breath, she had to go etc. I calmed her down, then when we were home spoke about how she felt.

She said she felt she couldn't breath, her heart was beating fast, dizzy and belly like a washing machine, but why?

As said she is anxious and nervous, im not sure but I think this stems from me and her dad. He is a cannabis user and dependant on it without his moods are awful and lots of silent treatment to me, in turn I used to also switch of to the treatment, I believe now she picks up on this?

When he is like this I battle on as normal now as im used to it but does she pick up this from me/him?

pause4thought Fri 07-Aug-15 00:15:47

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Littlefiendsusan Fri 07-Aug-15 00:34:31

I'm sorry your dd is experiencing this. As a fellow panic attack sufferer ( my last attack had me stopped by the side of the road flagging cars down as I was convinced I was about to die)
Attacks usually happen ( to me) after a period of stress.
Prolonged lack of sleep makes me have mini attacks that I can instantly recognise and quell.
The symptoms she feels is her body's response to adrenaline.
I think you know that her home life isn't the best environment for her.
flowers to you both, it's horrible.

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