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Toddlers be crazy

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tinymeteor Fri 17-Jul-15 11:38:43

DD is 14 months and just starting to flex her tantrum muscles. Used to be, if things didn't go her way it would be crumple face and sobs. Now it's the arched back, high-pitched yell, head on the floor routine. Kind of hilarious so far, but the question is: what should I be doing now to start teaching her to calm down, thinking of the long run? When do you ignore and when do you explain/correct? I know it's a normal phase but I may as well have some strategies up my sleeve (and some gin in the cupboard).

Lend me your wisdom lovely mumsnetters...

tinymeteor Fri 17-Jul-15 19:16:23


SolasEile Sat 18-Jul-15 01:13:29

Ignore and distract is the best approach most of the time with toddlers. Explain and correct is for before the tantrum. Once they're tantrumming there's no getting through to them. Not at 14 months anyway. Once she's closer to 2.5 / 3 and is more verbal than you can try different techniques - take a deep breath, count to 5, giving her a space to calm down, explaining calmly etc.

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