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If you have a climber...

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RattleAndRoll Wed 15-Jul-15 16:35:18

When did you move them out of their cot into a bed/take the sides off the cot bed?

DS is only 11months but he's climbing the corners of his cot and I'm worried he's going to topple right out.

He climbs up/on everything during the day so is getting stronger and stronger every day. 11 months is too early I know, he moves so much when asleep I'll spend more time consoling him when he falls out and putting him back in but I don't want him falling from the height of the cot sides!

I don't even have lots of excess cushions/pillows/duvets to put around the cot incase he climbs over.

tumbletumble Wed 15-Jul-15 16:41:06

I had a climber! He could go safely up and down stairs from around 9 months, but he didn't start climbing out of his cot until he was just over 2. He did it a few times but he didn't hurt himself - I never saw him so I don't know how he landed! That's when I moved him into a bed.

TheseSoles Wed 15-Jul-15 16:44:32

I've had two climbers! One can't seem to quite work out climbing out of her cot (so she's still in it at nearly two) the other started climbing out at 20mths and so went into a bed then. I got an ikea extendable bed - they're quite low but he didn't fall out anyway. We did end up staying with him until he went to sleep though because otherwise he wouldn't stay in it!

RattleAndRoll Thu 16-Jul-15 23:13:38

Thanks both.
DH said earlier that if we make sure he keeps his socks on/wears a baby grow/pj trousers with feet attached it might slow him down a bit as he'll have no grip (quite a good idea o thought-but need to test it). At the mo he wears pjs with no socks or just a vest due to hear so tonight I've put him in a baby grow to see if he does it.
He fell out his pram a few months ago and it was scary, ended up in a&e as he landed on his head. I don't want a re-enactment of that day but this time a cot! sad

reallybadidea Thu 16-Jul-15 23:16:29

We put DS in a sleeping bag to stop him climbing out of his cot. It worked for a bit until he learned to kind of vault over the sides at 18 months. He went into a bed then!

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