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Taking baby swimming

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HelenF35 Wed 15-Jul-15 16:25:12

Does anyone have any recommendations for what to use nappy/clothing wise for my wee boy? Going to take him swimming at 4 weeks and not sure what is best wetsuit/reusable swim nappy/disposable and trunks?? Please help. TIA

KingOfTheStupids Wed 15-Jul-15 16:29:51

Check with the pool regarding which nappy as different pools have different rules. I use a tots bots reusable nappy but some pools will insist on a happy nappy. I had a horrendous experience with disposable swim nappies so becareful of those!

If the pool is a heated baby pool then trunks should be fine. If it's a cooler standard pool then a wet suit or body warmer would be best.

westcountrywoman Wed 15-Jul-15 16:43:39

I would suggest a disposable or reusable swim nappy with a Happy Nappy (branded neoprene pull up nappy / pants) over the top. This will ensure ALL number twos are well contained!
If the water is anything but super-warm, at 4 weeks he will definitely need some sort of bodywarmer suit (baby wetsuit) to maintain his temperature. Mothercare and Jojo Maman Bébé sell them.

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