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Potty training regression

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HeyMicky Tue 14-Jul-15 19:28:34

DD1, now 2.10, was potty trained before Christmas. Did it easily, was reliably dry during the day, asked to go, fine in different settings and out and about, no wetting during naps. Still in a pull up at night.

DD2 arrived end of April. As the due date approached, DD1 started wetting at nursery. Since DD2 arrived, she's also wetting at home. I know this is normal when a new baby arrives, and I was on the look out for it, but I want it to stop now.

She only does a little, then stops, and can hold the rest until she goes to the toilet. She's stopped asking to go, however, so we only find out she's wet once we take her to the loo. If we insist she goes every 40 mins or so we can preempt the wet knickers, but that's not changing the behaviour.

We've tried new knickers, a sticker chart, using friends and cousins as role models and chocolate rewards for dry knickers. She understands each premise but it hasn't made a difference. Nursery has supported us on all this.

I know she understands the sensation of needing to go, and what wet feels like. I've had the GP check for a UTI but that's clear. No issues with poos, so it's not fear of the toilet. She has to take her own wet knickers off and put them in the laundry.

Any suggestions for what to do next? I've been extremely careful not to let on how frustrating this is but it's exceedingly tedious and a PITA to be dealing with the wet knickers as well as with a new baby

HeyMicky Wed 15-Jul-15 08:51:42

Bump for the morning crowd

JemimaHighway Sat 18-Jul-15 19:25:32

Hi Hey Mickey. I trained both DS1 and DS2 a week after 2nd birthday. DS1 was totally fine and got it day 1. Easy Peasy. There were no issues when DS2 arrived.

DS2 got it day 1 too, and I was very smug. However, randomly, DS2 had regression after 8 months of being dry! There was no rhyme or reason. At least you know it's to do with the new baby.

dS2 was like this for about 4 weeks for both wees and poos! He just stopped telling me he needed and then just did it in his pants! I tired everything. I think he literally couldn't be bothered stopping what he was doing.

Rewards, ignoring, getting cross, taking him every hour, getting really excited and dancing when he went on the toilet, getting the potty out. Nothing worked. So, I don't have much advice.

He just told me he needed again one day and we haven't looked back. So I'm sure it'll sort itself out. Sorry not very helpful! I think just giving rewards and lots of praise when she goes on toilet. On reflection, I think probably the thing that worked best was getting him naked again from waist down for a week and getting the potty out, so he could re-establish the feeling of needing.

HeyMicky Sat 18-Jul-15 19:33:12

Thanks for the reply.

We've actually cracked it, by doing the one thing you're not supposed to do when potty training - threatening punishment ��

Well, more sanctions than punishment - I said I'd take away one episode of Bing or Peppa before bed for every pair of wet knickers that day.

Anyway, it worked; she's been dry all week. And I had tried everything else first. Still, bad mummy.

RolyPolierThanThou Sat 18-Jul-15 19:46:31

We are seeing the same regression. We started potty training at 2.5 and he was reliably dry after a week (though mostly needed telling to go).

We tried all the usual, praise, choc buttons, nice pants, no pants etc and he goes through phases of doing very well.

He will take himself to the potty sometimes, need reminding sometimes too, and he'll do a poo or wee quite happily but then he'll suddenly go through a phase of refusing to use the potty and weeing wherever he happens to be.

Yesterday he weed on the floor EVERY time and did a poo on the floor. Today he took himself ti the potty once, was told to go once and complied, and three times he weed on the floor. WHY??! he is nearly three, so we started potty training five months ago. We think he's got it, we get a dry week, and then he does this.

Dh wants to put him back in nappies. I disagree. I keep hoping this regression will be the last one, or they'll be further apart.

But this isn't normal, or is it?

JemimaHighway Sun 19-Jul-15 08:41:08

It's not bad Mummy. If it worked, then it worked. Well done you and DD.

CatWithKittens Sun 19-Jul-15 11:11:30

HeyMicky, we had this with one of our DDs. We thought it was probably because she, consciously or more probably unconsciously, wanted the same sort of attention as the new baby got when being changed. I don't know if it helped but we just dealt with the wetting without comment except to say that "next time it would be better in the potty." We also made sure, as I'm sure you are doing, that she had lots of extra cuddles but not associated with a time when she had been wet and changed. Then when I changed the new baby I would ask DD to go and get the nappy and cream and say the cream was to stop the baby getting sore and how much more comfy DD must feel not to need nappies and how it was nice to be a big girl who didn't need them because it gave Mummy so much more time for cuddles. It lasted, I seem to remember, about three months and was a nuisance at the time but it passed as these things do and left no lingering problem so fr as we can see.

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