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Advice please 8 year old son bed wetting

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rainbowkids Tue 14-Jul-15 09:49:20

Hi. Past couple weeks my 8 year old ds has woken up around 5am with wet bed. Now it's not been completely soaked but more than a dribble. He says he dreams he's having a wee on the toilet them starts weeing and wakes up realising he's not on the toilet. Now normally i wouldn't worry about this and let him grow out of it but I'm worried because he goes away on camping trip next week for 3 nights without me. How can i help him? He's also such a little worrier, he worries over little things. And this is a big deal to him. I'm thinking getting him bed wetting pants is a big extreme. But can i expect someone to wake him through the night to help him wee so he doesn't have an accident? I don't allow him any drinks at least 1.5 hours before her goes to bed anyways. Surely this is just normal behaviour? But i don't want my ds to be embarrassed and upset if this happens while he's away. I'd be grateful for any advice please?

Thomasjames2007 Tue 14-Jul-15 11:05:05

Im sure your DS is worried about this happening in front of his friends. I think they advise lots of fluid during the day to stretch the bladder then very little if anything at all after 6pm. My friends son had this issue (tho more long term than your DS) and I think that's the advice she was given. It's a pretty precise amount so you may have to google it - something like x amount of glasses of water over x hours.

I'm sure he will be going to sleep later than usual so tell him to go to the loo right before he sleeps!

I would definitely advise that you speak to the teachers/leaders beforehand and give them the heads up so they can act quickly if he does have a wee accident.

I know you can get a tablet to stop it if you're really concerned. The friends son I mentioned earlier had it when he went camping with the scouts/beavers for a couple of days. Tho he did have ongoing issues with this so I'm not sure if the doc would just hand it over if you haven't been about it before.

rainbowkids Tue 14-Jul-15 13:52:23

Thank you for your reply. I'll have a look and see how he gets on.

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