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helping a pre schooler with conversation

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workatemylife Mon 13-Jul-15 17:24:41

DC is 3.5 and has a decent vocabulary and understanding. But after a lot of problems with ear infection etc I think we need to start working on conversation skills.

The consultant says hearing is now good and there is not a serious language delay but after months of being unable to hear properly as a result of infections and perforations I think DC has got used to not joining in with toddler chatter. We are okay with basic to and fro - what would you like to play? Snakes and ladders. Which colour counters? You be blue and I will be green and go first etc. But less good with chit chat around the table for example, and at initiating a conversation about something that isn't 'present ' - e.g. fine at saying that I drew a picture and can I show you? but less good at very open topics like what did you do at auntie X 's house?

Can you recommend any games or activities that might build conversation and social interactions? DC seems happy playing with other children but probably needs some help making their voice heard in the hustle of preschool life!

speechmum Mon 13-Jul-15 18:22:10

Hi workatemylife
My sister's DC had similar difficulties and she followed some ideas from leaping on with language

she found the information useful

workatemylife Tue 14-Jul-15 16:15:47

thanks - a reminder that other children have a lot more to deal with but also some really good ideas to try smile

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