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Help moving toddler to new room!! DC2 arrives in 3 weeks!

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mika2 Mon 13-Jul-15 14:54:47

DD is 23 months and has been sleeping in the spare room in a cot since she was 9 months. The spare room is next to our bedroom and her nursery (where she is changed, dressed etc.) is further down the hall and 3 treacherous steps that I didn't fancy negotiating at 2am Anyway we've obviously been very disorganised and left this all very late but DC2 will be here in 3 wks (ELCS) and we really need to get DD sleeping in her nursery. Nursery has a cotbed (been there for months) which she likes to jump around in but clearly doesn't associate with sleeping. A few nights ago I tried telling her that she would be sleeping in new cot and moved her stuffed toys from her old cot but when I tried to put her down she got so upset, kept saying "out, out, out" so I relented and put her back in her old room. She's really strong willed (like most toddlers) so I really don't know how to get her to move without enduring hours of hysterical crying.

She used to have a solid 2 hour nap in her cot but has started dropping those (talk about bad timing!) and basically has a tantrum if I put her down in the cot during the day so putting her in the nursery for naps won't work.

Also we can't really leave her in the spare room as it has a double bed where I plan to sleep and have DC2 in Moses basket (ideally)/bed (most likely) and the nursery is a bit too small for double bed - plus it's all set up for DD and is a much nicer room with view of garden etc. I just wish she would sleep in it!!

Thanks for reading and any advice appreciated smile

LastingLight Mon 13-Jul-15 15:19:40

Could you move the cot into DD's room so that everything doesn't change at once?

mika2 Mon 13-Jul-15 15:48:48

I could, but there's already a cotbed there (set up as a cot which looks identical just slightly bigger) so would need to move or dismantle that and DH is away this week so would need to get a neighbour to help! Also she looks big in cot now so she should be moving to bigger cotbed anyway... But it might help her to adjust if she saw her cot being moved into nursery? There would be no fall back position though that night if it didn't work out!

LastingLight Mon 13-Jul-15 17:05:53

Prepare for a noisy night smile

mika2 Mon 13-Jul-15 20:18:09

Thanks. I've chickened out yet again!! sad

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