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Crawling, do heavier babies crawl later ?

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Tillysmummy Fri 26-Apr-02 08:57:22

Is it true that heaveier babies crawl later ?

pamina Fri 26-Apr-02 09:07:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Marina Fri 26-Apr-02 10:14:06

Well, mine was a real spindleshanks and crawled late-ish: at 10 months. Out of our NCT Group, first off the blocks was a tiny girl, followed by an enormous boy. So, not sure about that one!

Tillysmummy Fri 26-Apr-02 10:50:56

So I guess that theory doesn't follow.

sml Fri 26-Apr-02 13:08:55

I must say that in our family, there is absolutely no support for the theory that large babies crawl/walk later.
My daughter, average weight and build, crawled c 7 months and walked at 12 months.
Next son, also average weight and build, crawled c 7 months and walked c 10 months.
Youngest son, a giant in the 90th centile and built like a tank, walked before he was 10 month old (can't remember him crawling at all, but he probably did.)

Rhiannon Fri 26-Apr-02 19:35:10

Both my sumo babies crawled at 9.5 months and walked at 13 months. R

pluto Fri 26-Apr-02 21:03:11

DS in 90th centile walked at 11 months, I hardly remember him crawling, it wasn't for long!

SueDonim Fri 26-Apr-02 23:48:37

Although not a huge baby, my plumpest child sat up (at 5mths) and crawled (at 6mths) earlier than any of my others. She also had teeth at 15 or 16 weeks.

Bozza Sat 27-Apr-02 13:46:22

9lb 10 oz (and maintained centile) DS began walking at 13 months and crawling at the same time. Had been cruising for 3 months. I'm convinced he only learned to crawl to get over to the settee to pull himself up to walk.

Tillysmummy Tue 30-Apr-02 08:43:57

DD is on the 99th centile !! So she's very tall and very curvaceous !! I think she may walk before she crawls as she's always standing up and prefers this to sitting down / trying to crawl. Does anyone else have a baby that has walked straight away before crawling ?

tufty Tue 30-Apr-02 20:36:21

my 1st son crawled for a couple of days before giving up on it and running (well almost ) everywhere instead... age not quite 10 months! he was on 90 centile for height and 75 for weight. My middle one crawled for ages but was smaller and had other reasons and no 3 had clearly read all the textbooks and was dead on average!

Bozza Tue 30-Apr-02 20:45:28

Tillysmummy that was pretty much what our DS did. Never showed any interest in crawling. Always wanted to be upright. Could stand from a young age, then cruised for several months, then walked/crawled badly. His crawling is still pretty unco-ordinated at 14 months. But then he always wanted to be upright even as a newborn. Insisted on being held upright rather than cradled therefore cried for most visitors who naturally cradled him.

susanmt Sun 05-May-02 01:28:59

My dd crawled almost at 9 months to the day, and she was 9lb12 at birth. But then she got to be such a good crawler that she didn't walk until 15.5 months, prompting all sorts of terrible parent worries from me, visions of her crawling to primary school etc. It wasn't until she walked that my Dad told me he didn't walk till he was nearly 2, I didn't walk till 14 months and on enquiring with MIL, discovered dh didn't walk until 15 months. So maybe it is genetic?

Gecko Mon 10-Jan-05 16:18:06

My daughter is 15 months with absolutely no intention of walking or crawling, she is comfortable sitting or standing aided whilst playing with her toys but throws a fit when she feels she has to reach for something. A lazy baby perhaps ? Is there something I can do get her out of her comfort zone?

FatFluckerFio Mon 10-Jan-05 16:20:21

my heavy baby sat, crawled and walked early
my light one was late at everything!

according to my old HV it is to do with the lengths of the legs apart from anything. the shorter the legs, the easier sitting, crawling and walking is apparently

jane313 Mon 10-Jan-05 20:03:21

Mine was huge at birth (10lbs 9oz), and mostly 50-91st percentile for height and weight. He rolled at 3 and a half months, crawled at 6 months but on his stomach like a commando. He crawled properly at 8 months. so no!

lunavix Mon 10-Jan-05 20:09:07

ds was born 7lb 14, rolled over a day after he was 3 months (at this time he was still around 50 centile for height and weight) he's now shot up to 99 centile for both and at 9 months has no interest in crawling forwards... and will only do backwards to get to something that looks dangerous

Chandra Mon 10-Jan-05 20:11:20

DS has always been heavy for his height, he started to walk first, then he realised crawling was easier and forgot about walking for a few months. He resumed walking at 14m. But I believe that he was alate crawler/walker not because of his weight but because his reflux didn't permitted us to lay him down on his tummy.

colditzmum Mon 10-Jan-05 20:23:38

gecko, put something out of her reach then leave the room!

lunavix Mon 10-Jan-05 20:28:12

gecko I agree with colditzmum - personally ds likes computers, flashy mobile phones, glasses, and cables... using those as bait (supervising unseen of course) was the only thing that got ds going backwards

janeybops Mon 10-Jan-05 20:54:26

DS is big 99th centile at birth now about 95th and he crawled at 5 months and cruised from 6. Walked at 10 months.

LunarSea Tue 11-Jan-05 10:08:28

ds was 9lb 2, and crawled at 5 months. From the group of babies the same age I know, I'd say it's totally random. The biggest baby was the last to crawl/walk, but the smallest was one of the first.

CelluliteQueen Tue 11-Jan-05 22:03:40

For me there's some truth in it. DS was 6.9 born but is now a big lad for his age. He started crawling at 9m and walked for the first time on New Year's Day at 17m. Surely it takes a little more effort to haul up all that weight?

albosmum Tue 11-Jan-05 22:05:35

don't think so - ds1 was 7-2 crawled about 6 months, walked 9 months. DS2 9-2 crawled 5 1/2 months - he is now 8 months and not quite walking

kinderbob Wed 12-Jan-05 02:09:27

All the big ones I know beat my skinny ds by several months.

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