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DS 2.8 pushing and snatching toys.

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MrsWhirling Thu 09-Jul-15 08:34:46

Just that really. It's a new thing I noticed at the last birthday party we went to. And my mum who takes him to a play said he does it there too. It's not aggression, he's laughing and excited but not not nice for the other kids. He also doesn't seem to understand it's wrong (or listen) when I tell him no. Any advice would be appreciated. X

princessvikki Thu 09-Jul-15 09:20:10

They all do it at some point. My dd has been going though it recently although it with the poor old dog not other children. I've been trying to change her behaviour rather than saying no when she does it. I use her soft toys and show her to cuddle and stroke them nicely and tell her to have kind hands when she's playing and not be be rough. It seems to be working.

MrsWhirling Thu 09-Jul-15 10:46:57

That's a great idea, I'm going to try that. Thanks!

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