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Where do I get help for my son in dealing with anger and impulse control

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LowBumsMum Wed 08-Jul-15 21:06:06

Sons behaviour has now spilled over in to Cubs and this evening he hit another child in the face due to frustration and not being able to get the other child to stop teasing him or leave him alone.
He's very sensitive and kind and caring most of the time and also has a very short fuse at times when he gets overwhelmed with too many demands or others winding him up or being asked to change from doing one thing to another or plans being changed or situations not being as he'd expected them to be.
So, I have a good idea of the triggers and now realise having started reading the explosive child by Ross w Greene that he has lagging skills in dealing with this stuff rather than doing it on purpose. Punishment and me being inflexible make situations substantially worse and he knows that his behaviour isn't right but can't seem to control it or have other ways of either not being frustrated or reacting differently when he is frustrated.
I've already spoken to school as it spilled over into school last month and school is aware of it but I feel now that he could really do with some skilled help.
Who do I ask and where do I go to help him?

KittyBennett Wed 08-Jul-15 21:21:31

Go to your GP and ask for referral to a community paediatrician. They will screen for conditions such as aspergers, ODD, PDA etc if none exist they may refer to camhs for behaviour management. But it's important to rule out an underlying condition first.

Shannaratiger Thu 09-Jul-15 08:09:28

Omg you're describing my Ds(8). SENCO joining us at parents evening tonight so hopefully some help coming.

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