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Behaviour of my 27month old dd

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Angelface5 Sun 05-Jul-15 00:11:05

Don't know if I should be worried or not. But just wanted to see what others thought,or if I'm being paranoid.
My dd is 27 months,she had a traumatic birth by emergency c section,and spent time in special care where she was then resusatated 5 times,had problems with her sugar levels,and had brain scans etc to see the damage. She then went on to have fits and took back into hospital.We were told they didn't know how any of it would effect here and it was a waiting game. That she may never walk or talk!!!!!
So now everything she does is a blessing. I'm so greatful I have her.
When she walked I couldn't believe it,everything she does I make such a fuss,as I'm so excited she's doing it. But then I will meet friends or bump into someone who's child is a lot younger around 16-19 months and my dd is a lot behind them.
My dd hardly talks,she only started saying mumma a couple of months ago
She is scared of a lot of things,loud noises,the shower,cars,
She won't go near other children only her own siblings
She doesn't eat solid food and if she does she then can't poo
She will run and run and won't stop no matter what until I pick her up
She has eye contact
She gives cuddles-she is very clingy to me,everything is mumma all the time.
She washes her hands over and over all day
She is obsessed with beads and money and has been now for a long time.
If she does say a word, which she says a few now,she will say it over and over.which when I say over and over I mean she could easily say it for a half hour car journey,which gets a bit much for anyone.
There's lots more things but probably boring you already.
Sorry for long post x

callamia Sun 05-Jul-15 00:20:27

What happened at her two-year check? Are you still under the care if a paediatrician at the hospital? If you feel worried, it might be an idea to have a developmental review, and/or to access some speech and language help.

ktef Sun 05-Jul-15 06:53:27

I know this isn't really what you are asking about, but did your dd's blood sugar get sorted? Were the drs able to explain why she had problems with her sugar?

Angelface5 Sun 05-Jul-15 07:24:51

My dd had her 2 yr check and is back to see hv on Monday to see if there is any improvement,it was meant to be 3 weeks after her first appointment but instead it was 3 months !!!!
They said that for the last few weeks inside me she was fighting to stay alive which is why her sugar levels where so low,she had treatment and couldn't leave until everything was back to normal.
It's not so much her birth but weather her birth has caused any lasting effects. I have 5 dc and don't like to compare as she is my little angel but she is different to all of them, how she is in General is like a child half her age. Just wanted to know if there was anything I could push for as I feel like I'm not doing enough for her. I've done the m-chat online and it comes back as high risk yet I wasn't as truthful as I should have been with it.
When she is around other children she just holds my hand and doesn't move and won't even look there way. If anyone raises there voice, and I don't mean in a shouty way,like even if I call up stairs to my son that it's dinner time,she will freeze and start shaking. She can't draw lines,as this is something else they asked her to do,and I'm so worried about her eating habits. I breast fed until 19 months and now she has cow and gate follow on milk.
Do I seek help or do I let her lead us and let her do things as she does.
Thanks for your replies x

ThumbWitchesAbroad Sun 05-Jul-15 07:29:37

Sadly it sounds as though there may not be a huge amount that you can do at this stage, just help her as you would any child through the developmental stages, however late they are.

If she's to see the HV tomorrow then see what their thoughts on the matter are, but I think in reality you're in for a long waiting game, just to see exactly what has been affected and how much.

I hope you get some reassurance from the HV, and good advice. thanks

AntiquityIsDotDotDot Sun 05-Jul-15 07:43:08

If you've done the mchat then you're obviously concerned about autism, but of course with medical history it could also be something similar?

If you get no joy with your health visitor I would definitely seek a referral from your GP. With ds I took in the mchat checklist with all the things he scored on highlighted (he scored 16). She actually used it to send along with referral.

When you see the paediatrician you go through type of birth and any issues anyway so they can see the full picture.

It's been a very hard but very positive thing for us getting things rolling from early on & thus knowing how best to help him & approach things. We also got referred to different services to help such as speech therapy, portage, 0-5 services. There did seem to be a lot of waiting until then eg 4 months to see paediatrician, 5 months until portage etc. and it's best to get the ball rolling early & to have things in place for nursery/preschool.

LongDivision Sun 05-Jul-15 08:10:47

It sounds like she is making progress, which is a very positive sign. I found portage particular useful in our case, so I would recommend pushing for that. I think you can self refer? Portage can give you a good overall sense of your child's capabilities, and can help you figure out strategies for play and helping with her development. they can also put you in touch with local groups and resources. they are very knowledgeable about navigating the system for a child with additional needs.

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