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Pooing in the garden

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AreYouThinkingWhatImThinking Sun 28-Jun-15 13:05:45

We've been trying to toilet train our 2.7yo and it's been a slow difficult process - not like the reports of other kids picking it up in 3 days! He's actually very good at using the toilet if hes naked from the waist down. But trying to get him to wear underwear has been a nightmare. He screams and tantrums to be "naked!"

Around 5 days ago I thought it had finally sunk in when he asked to go to the toilet while wearing pants. I was elated!

BUT then that very same day l, a few hours later, while playing out in the garden he took his pants off and did a poo in his sandpit. He didn't try to hide it and immediately came to tell me. I explained he must only use the toilet, but an hour later he did it again... and he's done it several times since. Whether wearing pants or not.

Just when I thought we'd had a break-through I feel like it's gone in whole different direction for reasons I can't work out.

Is this normal??

Mopmay Sun 28-Jun-15 13:13:46

Just tell him it's not where to do it. My DS did it a few times including on the top of the slide !!! Don't rise to it.

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