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1 year old bites me all the time

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Wilbert Wed 05-May-04 14:35:23

My son who is 13 months old bites me whenever he is tired or hungry, if I pick him up he will latch onto my neck and dig those teeth in there - with a look of glee. he also bites anything other body part he can get to - toes, thighs (rather large ones) - what can I do - it is so frustrating!!

Tippytoes Wed 05-May-04 14:42:30

Hi Wilbert

Sounds to me like he is just teething. Sorry, but it doesn't get any better either! My son is 2.5 and is still biting anything and everything including his own arms, toes, fingers etc.

Sorry to be no help at all!

Although I do find that putting the teething gel on seems to stop him for a while.

aloha Wed 05-May-04 21:31:26

Wilbert, when he bits you - just put him down(some people say sternly Absolutely NOT at the same time) but don't shout or make any kind of interesting reaction. Just put him down away from you, and with no eye contact walk away. It's basically exaggerated ignoring. Or to step it up a bit, take him with no eye contact and the phrase "No biting" and put him outside the door and shut it for a few moments. Most toddlers hate this and it really discourages biting but you must be consistent. Also, the obvious, try to make sure he is never that tired or hungry! Most children bite at some time or another. Remember, he doesn't understand it hurts, it just feels nice and satisfying and makes mummy make interesting noises!

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