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Changes on the horizon and how best to approach them

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Taler Wed 24-Jun-15 18:07:25

Hi, before all hear things are upon me I would like to get some sort of action plan so hoping you lovely people can help.

DD is 19 months and there are 3 rather large things that are coming up for her, as follows:

1. In a few months we are going on holiday and I would REALLY like her to have ditched her bottles and permanently moved to a cup for her milk. FYI I have tried several times (albeit half heartedly!) but she doesn't wanna know. Although weirdly she'll take milk from her sippy cup at nursery?!? I have bought LOADS of different cups in the hope she would gravitate towards one but just ended up wasting a load of money. Any suggestions?

2. We want to introduce a toddler duvet in a few weeks. I realise she can still use grobags but because her room has a natural chill to it I want his transition to happen in the summer months for obvious reasons. She will probably grow out of her cot bed early next year (it's an IKEA one so smaller than standard UK ones) so will at that time need to go into a toddler bed and will need the duvet then.

3. Potty training: no hurry with this of course as she is very young but had intended to introduce the potty so she gets used to it.

Guess I'm just a little concerned as these are 3 fairly significant things and don't want to bombard her. The bottle and duvet things are what needs to happen first and I'd be really grateful for any advice on how to best approach them.


MoonlightandMusic Wed 24-Jun-15 22:24:38

Might sound a little strange, but have you tried her with a shot glass rather than a standard child size? (Don't mean actual glass ones, but that size - easy to hold, and a bit novel too). I have used IKEA ones successfully.
As they are so small, it doesn't too much damage when the spills happen. Get her to choose what she prefers though, and then maybe start with water rather than milk.

Duktig plastic
Duktig pottery

The duvet will probably be an easy one - get her to come with you to IKEA to pick out what cover set she wants so it's something that's in her control.

With the potty, definitely leave it out for her to ask about and see what happens - although let's just hope she doesn't ask you to demonstrate! grin

DeeWe Thu 25-Jun-15 13:51:52

Dd1 didn't want to drink out of a cup for water-she was reception aged before she decided that was a good thing. Just like you I had a cupboard full of cups that I was convinced if I found the right one she'd drink fine. She didn't. grin
Plain cup and straw was probably the best.

Duvet, mine never had an issue moving from sleeping bags to duvet. If she uses the sleeping bag as a comfort object then put it next to her for the first few nights.

Potty: One of mine asked at 20 months and never used nappies at day time again. Generally not that easy, I'd just put it out for her to play with and try and encourage sitting on just before bath if she shows and interest.

Mutley77 Thu 25-Jun-15 14:18:16

1. Any particular reason you want to ditch the bottle before holiday? - I would do it after getting back to make sure she settles easily on holiday. Mine didn't give up the bottle til much nearer 3 and it wasn't really a big deal for us. They had dropped the morning and lunchtime ones by age 2 and one at night wasn't really an issue. At 3 they can understand that big cups are for big girls / boys much easier than they can at 18 months/2.

2. Never experienced a problem going from sleeping bag to duvet. With this transition for DD3 our house is colder than our previous one and I therefore have 2 duvets in her cot during cold weather to minimise the chance of her becoming uncovered and cold!! I have also tried a fleece onesie but she doesn't really like it so I only use it if I think it's absolutely necessary.

3. I've found with my oldest 2 DC that it was pretty obvious when they were ready to toilet train but had a potty around from 18 months to 2. Wasn't really an issue, just something else hanging around the house.

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