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One year old teething molars & wants to breastfeed constantly

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Allibanni Wed 24-Jun-15 15:05:45

Hi all,

My little girl has just turned one, she has her molars striking through & is waking in the night. She was down to 2 breast feeds in the day morning & night & now won't go to sleep day or night with out breast feeding. I know she goes to sleep ok at nursery tho.

She feeds/suckles for ages it now feels uncomfortable & over sensitive to feed at times & if I take her off she goes mental ? i think she is in pain from teething & she has to fall asleep feeding otherwise I can't put her down.

I used to be able to put her in her cot & comfort her with my hand until she fell asleep. But now she can move about she throws herself all over the place & bangs her head on the cot sad so I am scared she will hurt herself.

I have tried calpol, ibuprofen, ambersol, bonjela, nelsons teething granules. She seems to be waking more & more & I think it's because she needs breast for ? comfort or ? teething pain.

I don't mind feeding her but I am back to work now & can barley function am so tired & I am a nurse so need to be on the ball.

I can't bring myself to do controlled crying, especially as she is in pain from teething.

I just wondered if people have had similar experiences.. Will she naturally drop the day & night feeds when her teething pain goes? My husband works away so I can't get him to go in at night..

Any tips or story's of when it gets better would be greatly appreciated.


Julieb85 Thu 25-Jun-15 13:22:51

I don't know the answers, but very interested as I have a 14 month old who is teething is absolutely horrific. I feel like someone has replaced my lovely, fun, delightful child with a demon. One who won't eat, won't sleep, screams and bites other children!!

When will this pass!!??

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