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3 yr old napping

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LittleMissRayofHope Wed 24-Jun-15 08:58:33

Dd is 2.11 and still naps. This can be as much as 2 hours. I'm in no rush to stop it as she seems to need it and I the break especially if I can coordinate DS to nap at same time!!

Anyway, came under some pressure this week from her nursery to cut out the nap.
She settles herself for an hours nap at nursery and managed to go to sleep with the other children around who don't nap and clearly she wants the nap so I'm unsure why the pressure? It seems, to me, to be almost entirely age based. They think she should cut out her nap cos she's almost 3.

I have no intention of forcing her to stay awake during the day until she is ready but I just wondered how average this is?

princessvikki Wed 24-Jun-15 10:46:27

I don't see the problem , I was a nursery nurse before I had my dd and we had children of 3 and 4 napping. Maybe it's because it's inconvenient for the nursery if it's not something they usually do. Nurseries tend to want all the children to fit to the same routine because it's easier for the staff. I was working at an ofsted excellent rated nursery and most of the time parent wishes were ignored to fit in with the nursery routine, which I dont agree with and is part of why I gave it up.
I think if your dd needs it she needs it, your her mum if your happy with it and she's happy you need to be firm with the nursery.

PisforPeter Sun 28-Jun-15 22:14:58

My 3 yr old naps for 2-3 hours still.

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