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Advice needed following DD throwing up

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Taler Mon 22-Jun-15 20:03:55

DD (19 months) was sick right after her bedtime bottle tonight.

She's been a bit off today generally, not totally herself, but nothing too untoward, just a bit ratty, more clingy and not much interest in dinner.

I know we can never be 100% sure of why they are sick when they are sick, but the reason for my post is because for the past couple of days she's been having semi skimmed milk (HV once told me that when they have a cold and are all mucussy, which DD currently is a bit, the full fat milk can sometimes be a bit too rich sitting in their tummy on top of mucus and a day's worth of food, so best to switch to semi skimmed).

Tonight when I got home from an appointment I came in to DH clearing up sick! He said he'd gone back to the full fat, which I don't think was wrong as her cold symptoms seemed virtually gone today.

Is it just coincidence?

Now nervous about giving her a bottle in the morning!

BertieBotts Mon 22-Jun-15 20:08:42

Probably coincidence. Poor love! You could try just water or flat lemonade for a bit if the dairy is exacerbating things, best to keep her hydrated rather than worrying about calories etc.

You could try her with some ready made formula (the under 12 month kind) so that nutrients are absorbed ASAP.

Strictlyison Mon 22-Jun-15 22:09:58

How is her food intake? She doesn't need milk if her food intake is ok and if you think it's upsetting her stomach, just stick with water. If it's a stomach bug, it could be an idea to stay off milk for a day or two.

I personally have never heard about the argument that full fat milk is too rich and sits on the stomach. But if she is full with food and drinks too much milk, I suppose it could cause her to be sick. But I am not sure about that. How much milk is she drinking? At 19 months, you could easily skip one bottle or two if you are worried.

Taler Tue 23-Jun-15 20:28:18

Thank you. We offer her 6-7oz both morning and night, sometimes she finishes the lot, other times she'll leave a bit.

Guess I'm just a bit apprehensive that stopping the mornin bottle she'll not be full enough (as rather than doing breakfast an hour after bottle i' have to do that first thing) and if I stopped the bedtime bottle would she settle when she goes to bed?

I realise I'll have to stop them at some point but am hoping she'll let me know when (that's what people tell me?!)

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