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Help my ds (7) settle into new junior school

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hillyhilly Mon 22-Jun-15 17:52:04

My DS is leaving his infant school and moving to a Junior school that his sister attends but other than that he only knows around 3 kids there apart from his sister's friends. All the other kids come together from the feeder infant school.
He had a short transition session today and it didn't go well, they had an assembly which was fine then playtime .
He made a beeline for his sister, throwing himself at her, dragging her by the arm and being generally very physical and a complete pain to her and her friends.
He is a confident outgoing boy but has always been inclined to be too physical with people and to not know how to get on in a new group of people.
I have talked to them both tonight, to him about asking to join in with the few people he does know, to her about being kind and helping him find peers if he comes to her, I am also planning on a chat to the Y3 Head of Year about ensuring that he is more included or buddied by his peers.

What else can I do to try to help him to include himself without throwing himself (literally) at people, grabbing, mauling, lifting etc as this is his current way no matter how many reminders that people don't like it.
Does anyone know anything about social stories that could help?

MrsNextDoor Tue 23-Jun-15 07:36:15

Could he bring a football or other toy in for playtime? I know some schools don't allow own DC school does and it can be a useful way of making friends.

Hopefully talking to his head of year will be the biggest help....she should know of some older boys who will help....similarly can you talk to his actual teacher? She will know which boys in his class are good socially and she could encourage them to take DS under their wing a bit....also, ask her who might be a good bet to ask for a playdate.

A new girl started in my DDs year in year 3 and immediately asked DD for a playdate...well after about three days....that was because DD was nice to her....that really helped her to settle in....

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