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Giving up the nighttime bottle (12 months)

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moomin35 Sun 21-Jun-15 22:20:43

So worried about doing this. I know at one year they should be off the bottle completely but we're still on the last one of the day and I can't foresee us giving it up easily. Also if we do give it up how on earth do I get so much volume of milk into LO? They use a lidded valved cup for water but not milk....

hartmel Mon 22-Jun-15 06:05:57

My son is 21 month old and we still give him his night/evening bottle.. They will actually tell you when they are ready just to drink a cup of milk before bedtime.. I noticed that lately my son more and more refuses his night bottle and just wants to drink the milk from a straw.. I was also worried about his teeth but got it confirmed that if it is only one bottle a day it will effect them as much.. During the day he drinks out of a sports bottle (the one where you push the top up and down) or out of a cup (supervised)
I will try that by his second birthday he will be completely off his night bottle but I will not force him. I noticed when I take things to quickly away from he gets a lot of tantrums. And starts to get really stubborn (about things we taught him he just refuses to do them. For example, he would show us what he wants now he cries and throws himself on the floor and we have to guess what he wants)

NickyEds Mon 22-Jun-15 14:23:50

My 18 month old ds still has a bedtime bottle. He really doesn't like milk out of a sippy cup for some reason. I'm not worried about it. The main issues are;
1. Anaemia- If older children have several bottles instead of milk they can become anaemic. One bottle at bedtime with a great eater isn't going to cause this.
2. Speech. If a baby is given access to bottles a lot they'll always have them in and not talk-again not a problem with just one bottle.
3. Teeth. Brush their teeth after not before the bedtime bottle and i can't see how this is a problem

I saw a little girl around ds's age with a bottle of cordial in her buggy-I can see how that might be a problem but one bedtime bottle with teeth brushed afterwards?? Meh, ds will tell me when he's ready to stop.

tea4two4three Mon 22-Jun-15 20:19:31

My LO is 2.2 and still has a bottle before his nap in the middle of the day and as he goes to bed on an night. I was asking my mum about this recently as I read a comment on here recently where someone was horrified that an 18mth old was still drinking milk out of a bottle and I was genuinely confused as to why it was an issue. LO has a normal cup or a sports bottle throughout the day with water or juice but he enjoys his bedtime milk and the hv who did his 2yr check said he should still be drinking quite a bit (can't remember the amount to hand). What are the issues? Those mentioned above? Teeth, speech and anaemia? They seem a bit far-fetched over a night time bottle of milk. I agree with Nicky that they will stop when they no longer want or need it.

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