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children taking pictures of each other's bits

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kazah72 Sun 21-Jun-15 12:40:35

My DS is 8 and my DD is 4.
Sometimes they take my phone and make videos or take random pictures of each other and their toys. Not ever stopped them as I sometimes get lovely candid shots of each other. The other day I was looking in my gallery and found about 10 they took of each other's privates. I asked them about it and they really started giggling and it's obvious they did it because it was funny to them.
We lived in Germany for 2 years so they aren't perhaps as bothered about nudity as children in the UK would be and they still occasionally want to have baths together, mainly to have water fights.
I don't want to make an issue of it, I'm sure 20 years ago brothers and sisters looked at each other's bits too, it's just modern life that taking pictures is their way of approaching things, the DD sometimes gets him to photograph her back to see how her hair looks.
I've told them they shouldn't do this, it's not a nice joke. We do have conversations that no one should ask to look or touch them in the area covered by where their knickers go.I'm sure it's all innocent but still troubling. DS is at the stage where girls are yuck and complains if he catches me and DH exchanging chaste kisses in the kitchen

Strictlyison Sun 21-Jun-15 13:59:20

I think you already have you answer - you seem pretty relaxed about it and that's fine. However, with your eldest being 8 years old, it might be an idea to talk to him a bit more seriously about not doing this with other children or the dangers of having an adult who might be asking him to show his private bits. The NSPCC has a fantastic guide for parents and children -

And also this film is great about taking photos of each other - and sharing them -

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