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The constant, "I want this" and "I don't want this" - toddlers!

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milkyman Sun 21-Jun-15 11:13:27

When we are out our conversations go like this...

"I want to go to the swings"
"ok, lets go on the swings"
"NO, i dont want to go on the swings"
"ok, we wont"
"i want to go on the swings"

Repeat the above, until one of us gets cross...

Is driving me mad - ive tried ignoring but 2.7 are v hard to ignore... angry

my 2.8 DD is exactly the same.

"I want to do it by myself"
"I CAN'T DO IT! Can you help me?"

I'm pretty sure it's normal. It's almost like their head is saying one thing, their mouth another. A lot of the time I'm not even sure she knows what she wants but is still bloody cross that she's not getting it. The saying in our house is "it's hard being two" on everyone bless them grin

TravellingToad Sun 21-Jun-15 14:08:58

YES!! Well my son just turned 3 and this is becoming much less common but from 2.5-3 there was so much "I want a drink" (pass him a drink) "I don't want a drink!" (Take the drink away) "I want a drink!!!"

Repeat until I exploded. I started on the really tough love of pre-empting it (ie "I want a drink" "ok here is your drink but if you say you don't want it I'm taking it away and you WONT get it back" of course he tested the boundaries a bit with that and I had to follow thru a few times which was a major pain in the neck with the tantrum but seems to work cos he now KNOWS I don't mess about and if he says he doesn't want it he knows there is no second chance!!

slightlyconfused85 Sun 21-Jun-15 15:02:14

This is my life with 2.7 dd too. 'I want the green cup' 'no the yellow cup' 'no green cup'. Drives me mad- I just give her the first request then if she doesn't want to eat it/do it/drink it then whatever I take it away!

The 'don't help me mummy' thing is also wearing. I just let her try everything herself and wait for the inevitable 'can you help me?!'


adarkwhisperinthewoodwasheard Sun 21-Jun-15 15:06:25

It's also the 'I can't do it/get it' that bothers me. I always respond with 'yes you can, you can do anything you try to'. And then I realise the ball desired is safely stored somewhere high so no, she can't get it...

milkyman Sun 21-Jun-15 17:00:58

glad im not the only one!

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