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Walking worries...

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sparksthefirst Sun 21-Jun-15 08:39:27

Hi all, my little boy is 21 months tomorrow and I'm a bit concerned. He can walk a few steps unaided or more with us holding his hand but he avoids at all costs! He goes everywhere up on his knees. We try and encourage him as much as possible to walk to us but he just says 'no'. The hv came about 6 weeks ago and is coming back in a few weeks to look at him. She wasn't overly concerned and I'm trying not to be but when you get little ones at 11 months walking confidently it seems a bit odd. He is on the tall side. Has anyone else's lo been a really late/lazy walker? I'm just wondering if something's up and it's painful/awkward to walk which is why he dosent want to do it. Paranoid first time mum!!Xx

coniferssilhouette Mon 22-Jun-15 18:22:32

Could he be hypermobile? I've heard that can slow down walking.
I wouldn't think his height would be an issue, unless he was unusually tall and it be an underlying medical issue causing that (but I would think that would be very unlikely!)

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