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6 year old DD - lies/not talking to us

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gubbysquidge Sat 20-Jun-15 17:31:50

Looking for advice/help from parents that have been in similar situations or is this normal playground behaviour??

Recently been told by a parent that their daughter has been going home for last 18 mths crying most weeks as our daughter has been upsetting her.
Our daughter has not mentioned anything about this.
Until 4 weeks ago; when at her Grandmas house, she asked Grandma for jewels because she needed them to give to this other girl otherwise the other girl wouldn't be friends with her.(Grandma told us not DD)
The parent approached me a couple of days ago stating her daughter had come home in tears again this week, she went on to say that school are aware that these two fall out as the other mother has reported our child for making hers cry, school apparently have been monitoring them. After approximately 5x parent/teacher evenings this has never been mentioned to us as a concern/issue.
1. I'm upset my child is causing another to be upset
2. I'm upset School have not informed me there is a problem - confused why they haven't
3. I'm hurt my DD can't talk to me - how can i encourage her to talk to us more instead of hiding problems?
4. My DD when questioned can not tell us why this other child is going home in tears to her family stating its our DD fault.

Heels99 Sat 20-Jun-15 17:36:54

What does the teacher say, you need to discuss it with the school to find out what is going on, there are a lot of different options here. Your dd may not be lying, kids fall out.

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