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Asd and gender identity

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larney74 Sun 14-Jun-15 20:40:26

Have no idea if this is the right place on mumsnet to post?! I have an 11 year DS2 with asd who has just moved back to mainstream after special school, has a statement and is just about to transition to high school. He has had the usual obsessions with Thomas, lego etc but ever since he was young an ongoing love of all things glittery and girlie and wearing dresses or my dressing gown in his non school time. His current obsession is pregnancy? I wondered if it was sensory for a long time but seems to be more than that. He has not said that he wants to be a girl but wants a boob job and has said how much sex change operations cost to his younger sister. Apparently in school he plays imaginary fairy games with much younger girls. A couple of years ago he was referred to endocrinology which I didn't follow up as at the time I didn't think it was appropriate and that he did not have the ability to process things or understand why he was having blood taken. He has been referred to CAMHS but epic waiting list where I live. Just wondered if anyone has been through similar and advice as to how I can support him and help him not to feel weird and be whoever he wants to be. I work in mental health and do not want him to be messed up by not getting the right support. The more I am reading the more I am scared for him. I just want him to be happy and able to process both his sexuality and asd. Everything is complicated by asd. Only writing now as had gender crisis last week caused by his sister telling a couple of boys in his class that he wears dresses and heels. He felt betrayed and I don't blame him as he can be himself with her and scared everyone would know in both local high schools. But she is only 9 so I cant blame her and she knew she had done wrong.
Any way any suggestions appreciated TIA.

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