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Biting toddler - advice please!

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lem31 Sun 14-Jun-15 15:33:11

He only bites me (occasionally another child he is close to but mostly stopped that now) but he really goes for me. It's frustration when he doesn't get his own way. He is just 2. I've tried naughty stepping him but I don't think he gets it. He seems to like the attention of sitting there quietly and sweetly saying sorry when I go back. He never moves from the spot or cries. Just waits patiently. Decided I wasn't getting anywhere with this so over last 48 hours am just totally ignoring it - not flinching, nothing. I am walking around with bite marks up my arms and he REALLY goes for me.
Feel like a crap mum and got no idea what to do. Any advice? I need to stop this. It is getting out of control and it hurts a lot. Currently have swollen thumb and am hiding upstairs while dh says useful things like 'he never does it to me'. Grrrrr.....

WanderWomble Sun 14-Jun-15 22:32:18

Smack him. As soon as his teeth touch skin, give him a smack on the leg/bum.

The more you let him keep doing it, the more he's going to bite.

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