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I need help!!! Kids don't want to sleep anymore

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hartmel Sun 14-Jun-15 04:28:02

My kids 21 month and 7 1/2 month don't want to sleep in the evening anymore.. Every night is a nightmare putting them down.. My 21 month old gets out of bed and runs around. And you can tell he is very tired already! He still wants his warm milk bottle in the evening. I tried showering him before bed (he has eczema pretty bad so I can't bath him every day) singing, reading a story. Night light etc..
I'm at end of my ideas what else I can try that he will go to bed and stay in there.. In the middle of the night I wake up because he comes in our room to sleep in our bed..

Same goes with my daughter except she can't crawl out of bed.. But she cries herself to sleep every night now..

I'm so tired I want to sleep.. hmm

Any tips or is this normal and it will go away.?

lexyloub Sun 14-Jun-15 12:51:53

I think the lighter nights have an effect hopefully they'll settle down soon

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