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Changing, challenging behaviour in 5 year old daughter

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lazyleo Wed 10-Jun-15 14:05:58

My 5.5 year old is becoming increasingly difficult to manage these days. In general she is a good - sensitive, well mannered, caring, intelligent, but she is just becoming a bit too cheeky, taking too many tellings to do stuff etc. I know partly she is pushing her boundaries, that's how they learn, and the key is consistency. When I collect her from school she gets very upset when we have to leave (her best friend stays on at the playground for up to an hour, whereas we stay for about 20 mins). A triple whammy here of tiredness after a day at school, hunger which I know to be the case but she doens't, and of course her priority is to stay and play while mine is to get home and get dinner on etc. When we are leaving, she is raising her voice to me, saying no, I don't want to go, it;s not fair etc. Yesterday she went so far as to strike the bag I was carrying when she stormed past me (I reckon she wasn't brave enough to actually hit me, or she knows there would have been big trouble!) We've also recently introduced the wii to her and she gets incredibly stroppy when she can't do something, or can't do it 100%. Stomping, shouting, general 'harrumphing' 'its not fair' etc - because she doesn't get a strike every single time in bowling, or she couldn't do the hula hoop the very first time she tried it. She won't join sports clubs at school - "because x and y will be faster/ better than me". Hubby thinks she may not be challenged enough at school, physcially or mentally, and boredom is turned into outbursts in the relative safety of our home, I'm more concerned that she is physically tired and needs to less not more (she has three activities after school, and tends to be in bed no later than 8pm) I also wonder if it isn't connected to the fact that we are near the end of the school year (only 3 -4 weeks to go) and tiredness has just caught up with her. I'm just really struggling to get on to her thought level and processes at the moment, and I just don't seem able to get my lovely caring, sensitive and well mannered daughter back! Anyone gone through similar?

Hillijx Wed 10-Jun-15 14:28:09

My almost 4 yr old preschooler sounds the same, pushing boundaries etc....Watching responses as I am doing all the things they say, consistency, positive reinforcement, controlled talking to and not just going off at her, positive attenion when she is doing something well.....etc etc. Need some better idea on how to deal with her. I do notice she improves in school holidays so maybe it will be a happier summer hols for us lazyleo?!

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