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Son calling me names!

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Tillytoes14 Thu 04-Jun-15 20:46:14

I have a son who has recently turned 9. Lately he has started to name-call, mainly to me and sometimes to his brother, these words include idiot, telling me to shut up, telling me I'm stupid and fat (which I'm not, I'm currently pregnant), he has also said he wishes we weren't alive and he was an orphan, this normally starts after I've told him to do something that he hasn't wanted to do, or after he's spent 20 minutes upstairs brushing his teeth, then it reaches his bedtime and I tell him we don't have time reading together as he's spent too long in the bathroom, wasting time. In finding it hard to deal with the name-calling rationally I have shouted a few times, but realise this isn't the best way to deal with this sort of behaviour. How would you deal with the name-calling, I've already explained if he's not happy with what I've said we can talk about it, but name-calling is unacceptable and he often responds with 'I don't care'. Any advice would be great.

MrsNextDoor Fri 05-Jun-15 19:16:12

Is his Dad around? I only ask because I know that when my DD did this, my DH went up the wall and it shocked her. I'd tried the usual...explaining that it hurt etc...taking things away....did nothing.

One day DH heard her call me a name and he was livid on my behalf and was very stern....she was upset by his reaction and hasn't done it since.

If he#s not about then I think you need to immediately make him go to his room, stop speaking to him for at least an hour and take ALL his things such as computers away.

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