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Sensory processing disorder

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BabyOnBoob Thu 04-Jun-15 13:18:17

Please can anyone tell me if they noticed anything was different about their child when they were a baby (compared to other children), in relation to SPD. In particular, the issue of sensory seeking behaviour/touch.

I'm a bit worried about my 11 month old. Constantly hitting, nipping, kicking, hurting the cat despite lots of nos and telling and showing how to be gentle. Also she never sits still.


BabyOnBoob Thu 04-Jun-15 19:34:08


Andro Thu 04-Jun-15 22:49:06

You might find the SN boards useful, SN chat is my suggestion.

BabyOnBoob Fri 05-Jun-15 07:36:14

Thank you.

MelanieK123 Sat 20-Jun-15 07:47:00

Hi there,
My 10 month DD has just been diagnosed with it. She has an oral aversion but this seems to have transferred somehow into how she responds when she is presented with unfamiliar touch sensations. Although v interested when she reads a touchy-feely book she will absolutely not touch it. Also with foods that are squidgy in some way she will absolutely refuse to pick up. I took her to a friends house the other day and noticed that she was v hesitant and reluctant to do play with sand and water.
When doing a sensory activity - we went to the sea life centre the other day she also sometimes goes into complete meltdown when faced with lots of lights and colours.
We are seeing a private speech and language therapist for her oral aversion as the NHS are unable to help anymore. They have recommended she sees an occupational health therapist and have given us a brushing almost massage technique to do on her to change how her nerve endings respond. It's early days so very much in the dark and don't know a lot about it.
I hope you manage to get the support and diagnosis you need for your child as I understand how worrying your child's behaviour must be x

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