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DS1 (5) telling lies

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Gurraun Tue 02-Jun-15 12:44:05

I appreciate that telling fibs is a normal developmental phase. However, I would like some guidance as to when it becomes more than 'normal' and how to deal with it.

DS1 is 5.5 and in reception. He has started to tell a lot of lies over the last few months. Some are the normal 'I didn't hit my brother' etc, some are fanciful stories that hopefully just show a vivid imagination but some are small pointless lies eg I had Weetabix for breakfast (actually it was cheerios), I didn't go to swimming today as the pool was closed (when in fact he had an enjoyable lesson) etc.

He inevitably gets away with some of the third category of lies because they are entirely plausible.

Is this something to worry about? Do I call him on lies (if so which ones)? How do I deal with this generally?

thanks :-) (worried he will grow up to be a compulsive liar!)

MajesticWhine Tue 02-Jun-15 13:38:03

That is interesting. I wonder what he gets out of it. Sounds like probably just a good imagination; perhaps he wished the swimming pool was closed; but I would be tempted to pick him up on it, e.g. don't you remember Mrs Swimming Teacher said xyz; and see where the conversation goes. And see if he is clear about the difference between real and pretend.
Could it be that he is copying a friend at school? My DD (also 5) told her teacher we had been to Russia on holiday. She must have heard someone else say it, I guess.

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