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DD (4) has blood test tommorow......How should i handle it ??

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Nutcracker Mon 03-May-04 18:05:15

Right, she's never had one before and the last time she had an injection she really freaked out and it took me and a student nurse to hold her down.
We have some magic cream and dp is going with me, but i'm still dreading it. I'm sure she will go ballistic. She is a very stubborn child and if she doesn't want it done we will have a fight on our hands.
I have told her what will happen (didn't want to spring it on her), and explained it best i can. She told her grandad that someone is going to put a pipe in her arm, so she obviously didn't get the full picture.

Any advice really apreciated

Nutcracker Mon 03-May-04 18:37:35

Anyone ??

tamum Mon 03-May-04 18:47:01

I haven't been through this so I have no idea, I'm afraid, other than to take a lollipop or something similar and tell her that she can have it the moment the needle is out? I think you may just have to grit your teeth. Poor thing, I hope it goes well.

luckymum Mon 03-May-04 18:47:35

Hi Nutty - my dd has had loads of bloods done and her reactions have ranged from complete hysteria (sorry ) to absolutely not bothered A lot definitely depends on the person doing it. If they get it first time its great. I always use the distraction technique....take something along that will grab her attention at the optimum moment and sit on the opposite side to the arm they are doing so that she's looking away. Hope it goes OK.

Nutcracker Mon 03-May-04 18:52:21

Oh blimey, i think i'll be more worried than she is.
I think i will try and distract her. We have told her we will go to the ball pool after if she can sit still for the nurse (bribery i know).

Poor things having to miss a trip to the farm with nursery too.

moodyzebra Mon 03-May-04 18:55:39

In addition to ball pool...Can you promise her some kind of treat (even if it's only a lolly) afterwards? Might help?! I remember being very upset by my jabs about about age 4-5yo.

alexsmum Mon 03-May-04 19:04:07

We took our ds for a blood test the other week, he is also four. I assume you want the truth rather than just nice words...? He was very upset and kind of freaked a bit when the needle was coming towards him if you see what I mean. I just held him very firmly on my knee so he couldn't move around too much. Once the needle was in the nurse pointed out that the blood coming out looked like a wiggly worm going down the tube and he was fascinated by that. In the past when he has had them( a lot of them!!!) we have found that one person sitting opposite him blowing bubbles is good. A good, amusing distraction.
We also find that a treat in the bag is a good idea. A sweet or a small toy or something.And being able to go into nursery and show off the plaster and tell everyone how brave he has been!!
Hope this is of some help.Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

roisin Mon 03-May-04 19:27:44

DS2 had a blood test when he was 3, and it went brilliantly. Make sure you get the cream on well - put loads on in a big heap, then wrap the cling film on carefully, but firmly, to make sure it stays in place ... this will certainly help.

Definitely explain to her what is going to happen. And try (I know ) not to be too worried, so that she picks up on your anxieties.

Grip her firmly - the nurse/doctor should be able to give you some advice as to how best to hold her so as to be immobilised.

Giving her something to hold is a good idea to distract her, and try and find an immediate treat to promise her. For us the 'holy grail' was a lolly (I can't stand them, so usually they are banned), and ds2 sat there happily clutching his lolly to eat immediately afterwards.

Hope it goes just as well for you.

Nutcracker Mon 03-May-04 20:06:17

Thanks for the advice. Dp has been instructed to pick up a lolly on his way back from school run tommorow. We have cream and cling film at the ready too. Her appointment is at 10:55 so what time should i put the cream on ??

roisin Mon 03-May-04 20:16:37

I can't remember Nutcracker. All I can remember is that it said one thing on the prescription, and something else entirely on the instructions with the cream. I don't want to guess and say the wrong thing.

Can anyone else remember?

WedgiesMum Mon 03-May-04 20:18:11

DS (who is 5 on Saturday) has had about 4 tests over the last year and has not noticed them happening. He has the magic cream - which the hospital said takes about 30-40 minutes to work - then at the crucial moment he is sat on my knee with a HUGE book infront of his face that has lots of interest in it and I chat with him at great length about it whilst holding him firmly. He knows what is happening, but can't feel it or see it and so never bothers - and he is a COMPLETE wuss with pain (just like his Dad ).


ps would guess about 10.20 for the cream???

SoupDragon Mon 03-May-04 20:21:40

From my recent personal experience with DS1 (5),

(1) make sure they actually put the needle where the magic cream went
(2) focus on the afterwards
(3) don't tell them too much unless they ask
(4) remind them how brave they are

Good luck! If it's any consolation, they forget the scarey/nasty bits really quickly.

Nutcracker Mon 03-May-04 20:25:19

Thanks, my dd tends to do the opposite to what i expect so hopefully it won't be as bad as i'm thinking.

I'll let you all know how it goes.

Nutcracker Tue 04-May-04 12:33:11

Well she had it done and she was really good.
She did cry and struggle a little but otherwise it went really well.

Thanks for all the help.

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