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5 month old I overreacting?

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xmasbaby2014 Thu 28-May-15 11:38:57

I have a 5.5 month old dd. She is my third child and my dps fourth. I have also fostered a number of small children and worked in childcare so would be quite experienced with babies.
My dds behaviour seems quite different to all others I have known and I'm not sure whether I should be concerned or its too early. Some of the things that strike me as unusual would be:

She hates being around other people: doesn't like people being at the house or going to other peoples houses. Gets very distressed and cries until we take her out of the room. This has been since she was 7 weeks.

Won't let ANYONE other than me or dp hold her, not even her siblings who live with her and she sees every day. She will scream within ten seconds of them lifting her. This also began around 7 weeks.

Has to be held to go to sleep, will not self soothe if she wakes. To get her off to sleep we have to carry her while walking round the house.

Does not like being cuddled or held facing into me.

If she laughs she will almost always burst into tears straight after.

Has tantrums for no apparent reason. Will scream and arch her back.

Hates getting dressed. Cries every single time I have to dress/undress her.

Wont take solids (I know its early so not too concerned). Spits them out or throws them straight back up.

Very nervy, jumps if someone coughs/sneezes/laughs etc.

Makes eye contact but only briefly, a couple of seconds.

No attempts to babble yet although again, I know its early. But she will also not try to babble back at me if I face her and try to engage her in "conversation".

No real interest in toys, will push them away if you try to give them to her.

I know she's still very young so I don't know whether I'm overreacting or not. Is it worth mentioning to the gp or will they just dismiss it due to her age? Shes a very demanding baby, both dp and I are home full time with her at the moment and we're constantly exhausted with her.
Don't get me wrong we love her to bits but I have never met a baby who takes up as much time as she does.

DeeWe Thu 28-May-15 12:03:46

DD2 was just like that! We couldn't get her to take solids until she was about 8 months (and weaning back then was 4-6 months) She only started taking solids after dd1 kindly gave her a chocolate button, then she thought she might try a little, though still wasn't keen. Her second food was a mouthful of ice cream! Ideal weaning foods! grin

I spent a lot of time with her in the sling, facing outwards (unless I was chopping with knives! That's a bad one to have them when they want to put their hands in the way.) She refused the buggy too.

She became easier when she crawled (by 6 months) but then harder when she walked (at 8 months) becasue she had no common sense and thought nothing of climbing to get to what she wanted, which lead to some rather dicy positions if I took my eye off her.
Once she crawled she could get to what she wanted, which wasn't the usual toys, but more what she'd obviously spent 5 months eyeing up. The first thing she went to was to get on the (junior) trampoline, where she pulled herself up and bounced. He favourite toy was a toilet roll. She would remove the middle cardboard and go round with them on her arms, leaving a floppy pile of paper behind! He second favourite was an empty 2 litre plastic bottle...

She didn't babble really at all-but went straight to words, full sentences 5-6 word long before 18 months. In fact my best babbler was my worst talker.

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