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recognising their own reflection

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Art Mon 22-Apr-02 20:54:15

Has anyone got any idea when babies first become aware that what they see in the mirror is actually their own reflection?

Dh and I have been wondering as ds (10mo) sometimes appears to recognise himself and laughs and points - but with the mirror on the wardrobe door, always looks behind the door as if he expects to see another baby sitting there.

Lollypop Mon 22-Apr-02 22:24:18

Try holding up a favourite toy quietly behind his head, if he turns round then he is beginnig to work out that its his reflection.

Demented Tue 23-Apr-02 08:40:46

I am sure I read that this does not happen until about 21 months (might be totally wrong here). I have heard it is a good idea to put a spot (paper sticker or something) on their forehead and if they pick it off they know it is themselves they are seeing in the mirror.

angharad Tue 23-Apr-02 09:00:51

Varies but using the spot method, ours seemed to know at about 10m. DS2 (16m) likes to brush his hair/teeth in front of the mirror

Janus Tue 23-Apr-02 20:09:12

I remember Prof Winston (or whatever he's called) saying a child does not know their own reflection until 18 months. I always thought this sounded a late but could be true. Mine is 21 months so will try the spot on the forehead tomorrow - good idea!!!

Lollypop Thu 25-Apr-02 20:54:29

Surely the child can feel the sticker. Therefore you cannot be sure it is due to the mirror.

Demented Fri 26-Apr-02 09:08:59

Lollypop, I had been wondering about that, just read the advice somewhere, not actually tried it. Possibly if the spot is put on in advance they will have got used to it or perhaps a dot of face paint or lipstick would work better.

Art Fri 26-Apr-02 18:46:03

Some good ideas - thanks - Im going to try a blob of lipstick tomorrow to see what happens.

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