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Speech delay or something more 19 month old

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Hannahlouise4026 Wed 27-May-15 20:25:01

Ds is 19 mo and has yet to say one recognisable word. He babbles back and forth in conversation and makes lots of different noises and tones.
He was at the later end of 'normal' to hit milestones (sat up 71/2 months, rolled soon after this, bum shuffled at 11 months and was a very proficient bum shuffler until he finally walked at 18 months, waved and pointed at 14 months)
I know I shouldn't but I did consult Google, but upon googling 19 month old lack of speech it brings up a whole host of results, autism being a major one. I don't thinkautism is a problem though (he points both for what he wants and just to 'show' us, understands basic one step instruction, points if I ask where is dog, teddy etc. sociable, plays appropriately with toys, no obsessive behaviour or obsessions (although he does love cars but not more than any other 19mo boy!) generally easy going, good sleeper, pretend plays, gives me and others toys to show) and from what I understand these are all good signs, right?
My hv got me concerned when she asked if he could scribble with a crayon (nope, he holds the crayon a mimics the action of scribbling but he doesn't apply enough pressure to make a mark, -and then he just eats them-) she also asked now he was at feeding himself (he can use a spoon, but only for yoghurt hmm eveything else is with his hands, but I find when he does use it he seems to only ever use his left hand and turns the spoon upside down as soon as it reaches his mouth, making quite a mess - he does the 'scooping' action to pick up with the spoon though ) she also commented on the fact his ankles collapse inwards when he walks and so when he does walk, bare in mind he has only been walking unassisted for 3/4 weeks now, he kind of waddles and seems very heavy on his feet almost flat footed like. She mentioned something about slight 'low tone'. Again upon googling this is linked to other developmental problems. She's referred us to a Dev paed at the hospital just for a check but lord knows how long this will take and I'm now left a complete stress that something is wrong and I've not noticed it...please someone who has experience of this let me know what the outcome was...

MrsCookieMonster Wed 27-May-15 20:36:07

My DD is 21 months and doesn't say anything comprehensible just chats to herself. She started walking at about 14 months but other than the walking you have mentioned she sounds exactly the same as your DS. I'm not worried at all to be honest and hadn't really considered she has any developemental issues. If she is not talking by 2 then I might start to get worried but for the moment I'm not concerned at all.
Not sure that is particularly helpful to you but I wouldn't be that concerned in your situation.

Hannahlouise4026 Thu 28-May-15 19:46:27

Thank you cookiemonster for your reply. Good to know that I'm not alone! I was speaking to a mum at toddler group who happens to be a gp and she was shocked that my hv had referred him mainly due to lack of speech, given he is just turned 19 months. I asked her about the low tone comment and she said that his ankles do collapse in slightly but that's more indicative of hypermobility in his ankles, but it's not severe. I'm chilling out a bit now. Think my hv is being super cautious which I guess is a good thing.

ragged Sun 31-May-15 19:58:25

He's sounding within the normal range in my experience (limited to ordinary mum-dom stuff).

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