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Moonpops Mon 25-May-15 14:50:39

hiya, baby boy is 4.5 weeks old and was two weeks late. Is usually a fairly quiet boy but in the last few days he is very different. He sleeps great at night and wakes happy but then starts getting grizzly just before feed and then after. Can be placed on changing may or in Moses basket and will be happy and cooing but sooner or later he will cry and not stop. He's not wet, hungry etc. not in pain as you
Can lie him down and he's super happy for a limited time. he does get over tired and
Can be really hard to get off to sleep. Was thinking it could either be colic or have read about development changes in 4-5 week olds. Had friends whose kids struggled at 4 weeks for a
Week or so.
Partner works away from home and is now away for 2 months so any tips or advice would be really helpful. Keep me going bonkers.

FATEdestiny Mon 25-May-15 21:59:02

At four weeks old really you want to be working on the basis of 'if not feeding then baby should be trying to get to sleep or asleep'.

I think what you are describing is over tired signs. You could do with helping the baby to sleep before these start. A baby cannot just go to sleep themselves, he will need help. Swaddle (secure feeling like being held), dummy (comfort sucking) and rhythmic movement (soothing) are all common things people use to help baby get to sleep.

The 'mostly feeding or asleep' phase continues and gradually changes so that by about 12 weeks old baby is having no longer than 90 minutes (preferably 60 minutes) awake time from one nap to another.

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