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Toddler with diarrhoea and tiredness

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Littlelot Tue 19-May-15 09:30:10

My ds(2.4) has had diarrhoea for a 3 days which I know is within a normal range. I looked at the NHS website just to check and it says that symptoms of lethargy indicates dehydration. My ds is normally very active and would be tearing the place apart by now but is actually quite happily laid on my bed watching episodes of Thomas and friends. My gut feeling is that he just isn't feeling himself and wants some quiet time as I would if I had a tummy bug but all the websites seem to suggest that if a toddler is tired and quiet then it's not a good sign. He is good at drinking water and I'm giving it to him regularly. I am also keeping a close eye on him and chatting to him. Guess I'm just looking for reassurance that toddlers don't tear around at normal speed and may just be quieter when they have a stomach bug without it being anything serious.

lazyfrog Tue 19-May-15 11:39:50

Sure he's just getting in some quiet time to mend, but have you given him any Dioralyte? The dr prescribed these for my DS when he had diarrhoea and seemed to do the trick. Rehydrates them and replaces some of the minerals they've pood away! They're an over the counter thing and there lots of versions if you check with your pharmacist that they're all kid friendly.

Littlelot Tue 19-May-15 12:02:58

Thanks, have just found a sachet at the back of the medicine cupboard. Will give it to him when he wakes, hopefully will help. Guess I'm lucky that he quite happily drinks water and I've given him his dad's water bottle today as a special treat so he's been sipping daddy's water quite regularly. It's just horrible seeing them unwell.

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