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Teething and tantrums

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joanna1985 Sun 17-May-15 12:01:20

so my 16 mo dd was always a great sleeper, self settled And slept most nights right through but the last few weeks Shes been screeching through te night unless I give her milk and screaming if I try to leave her room when she is going to sleep. Her molars are coming through and she's started taking tantrums Aswell. I have a two year old aswell who is fond of the oul tantrum or 5, hrs a light sleeper so I think I'm just trying to keep all calm in my tiny house with paper thin walls before the whole house is up crying including me. Anyone any tips? feel guilty trying to make her self settle if she's teething u know? But don't want make things worse for Al of us by giving into night time feeds and bed hopping all night! 2 tired tantruming toddlers and a tired mummy is not a good combination sad

bugoven Sun 17-May-15 20:13:49

Sorry I don't know ehat could help but just wanted to share my sympathies. My DS is 9 months tomorrow and is also unsettled and teething. He has now been in his room for 2 hours, is obviously tired out but not sleeping.

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