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Help with a routine please!

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ToonLass Fri 15-May-15 10:28:45

Hi, my DD is 6.5months and I feel we need to start getting some structure during the day for naps/feeds.

We had a good bedtime routine up until recently, bath/boob/bed starting at 6.15 and usually asleep for 7. Unfortunately, due to social commitments and travelling her bedtime has been thrown completely off and it's now (over last week or so) extremely hard to get her to go to sleep.

A wee bit more info:
She's ebf and feeds (approx) every 3 hours
Her awake time is MAX 2 hours
She generally takes 4 x 30mins naps but ideally I would like 2/3 longer naps
She's currently getting breakfast and dinner, and I'm thinking of giving her lunch starting next week.
She still takes 2/3 feeds during the night
She's generally awake 6/6.30

So I was thinking a routine something like this would be good:

-6.30 awake and boob
-7.30 breakfast
-8.30 - 9.30 nap
-9.30 boob
-11.15 lunch
-11.30 - 1.00 nap
-12.30 boob
-3-4 nap
-4 boob
- 5 dinner
-6.15 bath/wind down time
-6.45 bedtime boob
-7 sleep
-11 boob
-3 boob
Awake 6/6.30

How does that sound? And how can I get her to nap longer than 30 mins without going out with the pram? She's doesn't take a dummy, but will suck my pinky to get her to sleep. She has 3 teeth and often bites so this is something I'd like to stop!

Thanks in advance.

Hillijx Fri 15-May-15 10:53:46

Sometimes babies find it hard to do more than one sleep cycle so will wake after 30-45 minutes. Some are happy with this, mine never were and would wake grumpy so I worked on helping them go back to sleep after one cycle. A dummy is best for this and just sitting with them and doing what you would normally do to help them calm can work? Mine would do 2 1.5 hour naps at that age and a shorter 30 min one before bath time but it did take a few weeks of helping them mid nap to go back down. If you do the same calm down routine each day and maybe stay in for a few days to help establish it you probably won't take long for her to get into your routine as it sounds you do most of it already. As for bedtime I bet a few nights of going back to original routine and she will be back at it. Also once she goes down better at night her day time sleep will be easier.

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