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When to get speech language help

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Fantail Tue 12-May-15 10:19:17

DD 4.2 has just had what is called her "B4 check" in the country we live in.

Despite having an excellent vocab there are a few sounds that she is struggling with "d" and "g" she doesn't say consistently right and she replaces "c" with a "t" or a sound that sounds like a "c" and "t" run together and "l" with "y".

The lack of an "l" I know is age appropriate and she can say it if she really tries hard. The other sounds I think she should be able to say.

The nurse wasn't too concerned because her speech is clear about from these sounds and she has a big vocab and her receptive language is also very good. There are no hearing problems (this was also tested yesterday).

Her speech doesn't qualify for speech language therapy on the state system, but we could go private. Her kindy teachers think are happy to work with her.

Has anyone been in this situation and did you get help?

MrsNextDoor Tue 12-May-15 12:57:32

You should get help right now...with no delay. Nothing can be gained by waiting.

Jellyandjam Tue 12-May-15 14:23:05

My DS had issues like this, along with many more. At 4 his speech was unitelligable to most people other than me (I often struggled too).
Even though your dd doesn't have as many issues as my DS I would still get help if you can. We went private and it's the best thing we ever did. He was discharged at 5.8 with age appropriate speech. He still glides his 'r' sound but this is normal for his age (now 6) and sometimes his 'sh' sound us slightly weak but the main thing for us all is that he is able to have conversations without our help/intervention now.
Getting help won't do any harm, good luck.
Ps if you want to have a look at anything you can do yourself I would highly recommend the website I used this site and it was excellent.

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