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Up to what age do you help your child brush their teeth?

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ks Fri 30-Apr-04 19:31:24

Message withdrawn

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roisin Fri 30-Apr-04 19:38:03

DS1 is almost 7, and doesn't do it properly without supervision (or checking and sending back). I've been letting them both do their own, but being really strict about checking and sending them back, and back ... and back for a few weeks' now, but it isn't working. They still don't do it properly first time.

Slinky Fri 30-Apr-04 19:44:19

DD1 is 8 - she does her on her own - although I check and send her back if necessary

DS1 is 6.5 and he's just started doing his own, but again I'm usually upstairs whilst he's doing them - firstly, to make sure he actually does put toothpaste on and stick it in his mouth - and secondly, so I judge how long he's been cleaning.

DD2 is 4.5 - we have a deal in that she does it first (without toothpaste) then I give them another going over with toothpaste.

ks Fri 30-Apr-04 19:48:20

Message withdrawn

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discordia Fri 30-Apr-04 20:00:23

Mine are 7 and 5. They do their own in the morning (they don't have a sugary breakfast) and I do them at night. They both have good teeth and I want to keep them that way while they're too young to argue!

whymummy Fri 30-Apr-04 20:10:20

ks my dentist told me the other day that i should help clean their teeth till they're 11

Posey Fri 30-Apr-04 21:39:08

Dd is almost 7 and she does her own teeth in the morning, completely by herself. At night she does them under supervision and I always check them, tell her where I think she needs to do it more and often give a bit of a brush as well.

Slinky Fri 30-Apr-04 21:43:10

Whymummy - 11!! LOL!

My dentist (mother with 2 children) said she cleaned her kids teeth until they were 10 - her DH used to give her lots of stick and even she says now laughingly that she was a bit over the top.

Also what happens when they go away? DD1 has recently been to Brownie Camp for 4/5 days - I don't think Brown Owl would have been impressed having to clean various girls teeth

suedonim Fri 30-Apr-04 23:01:51

8yo dd does her own in the morning, we do them in the evening. Our dentist says that children can't clean their teeth properly until at least age seven as it's quite a fiddly job to manipulate a brush into all the corners and crevices.

Nutcracker Fri 30-Apr-04 23:41:18

My dd's 6 and 4 do their own teeth in the morning and i do them at night.

jac34 Sat 01-May-04 09:26:56

The Dental theory is, that a child should not brush their own teeth until they can do joined up writting. Until that point they have not got the manual dexterity to do it themselves.
So for most children, thats proberbly 7 or 8 ish.

jac34 Sat 01-May-04 09:28:29

I let my DS's 5yo do it themselves, them I do it again when they have finished.

ks Sat 01-May-04 11:37:39

Message withdrawn

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cas1968 Sat 01-May-04 11:51:31

Mad Dentist here too - she told me I should brush them until they're 12!!

I've changed Dentist, btw - for other reasons

Kayleigh Sat 01-May-04 13:03:40

My ds1 is nearly 6 - he does his own in the morning but I'm usually watching while I'm doing ds2. I do both of them at night, although ds1 starts his and I "finish off".
I let ds2 start his too as he likes to copy his big brother, but he mostly just sucks off the toothpaste - he's nearly three.

Tallulah1998 Mon 17-Feb-20 15:41:43

Hi all - sorry just interested in this and I'm trying to create an academic study on what's missing from kids' oral care. If you've got a minute and have kids over the age of 6 or 7, would you be able to fill out my survey?
Thank you!!

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