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bladder control she wont let go

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indamb Fri 30-Apr-04 19:14:19

tried dd at 21months happy to go for wee on potty, went on holiday and did not continue whilst away. BIG MISTAKE> dd now 2.5months, tried again to train her 2 weeks ago, she holds on to the wee, last time it was 6 hours. health visitor seems to think it will not do any harm, dh concerned cause promblems with her bladder/kidneys. dd asks for barbie knickers as she does not like the nappies, but no end result. she is a clever little girl and is fully aware of needing to go, but seems to precious to part with it HELP PLEASE ANY ADVICE

Lisa78 Fri 30-Apr-04 19:20:56

will she go if she can use the toilet instead of the potty? Some seem to prefer it

indamb Fri 30-Apr-04 19:22:01

no, she will sit on and look at a book. but still wont go. even with the taps runing

grumpyzebra Fri 30-Apr-04 19:30:04

Some kids are dry overnight at this age -- she won't hurt her kidneys!
Bribery? Offer her a smartie for each wee?

indamb Fri 30-Apr-04 19:36:24

we've tried the star chart, the sweets she was really excited at first but as the days progressed she was happy to hold on, it got to a point she was crying for a nappy. big cousins came sat on the potty/toliet to see if she would copy. nothing.

mammya Sun 02-May-04 23:45:06

If your dd wants to be in a nappy so badly, then I'd say just leave it for now, let her have a nappy. She's still very young and clearly not ready for potty training. Just wait a little longer and when she's ready it'll be a doodle.

exaussie Mon 03-May-04 00:11:04

I agree, dd will do it when she's ready.

Jimjams Mon 03-May-04 09:06:26

I wouldn't worry about 6 hours- my son had twice held his for over 24 hours (although we did end up in hospital last time!)

Maybe try putting her in a nappy sitting on the potty to wee (with pants inbetween), the grandually kind of cutting off the nappy so in the end she's just kind of sitting on it. SOunds weird but it worked for my friend's dd.

indamb Thu 06-May-04 11:25:29

thanks for all the advice, i'll give it a go

LIZS Thu 06-May-04 11:38:07


I wish I had the answer! dd was similar to your at 20 ish months but is now 32 months and still very much in training. She can hold on for over 4 hours regularly - will "try" at playgroup but produced nothing there yet yet will go before and after at home. Did try to train her a while back but she could not let go voluntarily. It has really only been in the last month or so that she has been able to make it happen. Now I just have to persuade her to go to the potty when she needs to go rather than continue playing ...

walnuttree Thu 06-May-04 21:55:24

Don't worry at 2 - 3 years. My daughter held on when she felt tense or pressurised e.g. after starting school for a morning at age 4. Teacher was convinced she'd wet herself and all would be OK, but didn't. I was not surprised - held on because did not like potties or toilets. Grew out of it in the end by age 5 or so - I know this was very late, but we survived !!! Children do things when they are good and ready - as you can see there is a wide range. If they feel pressurised or tense they won't - so leave it if they are very young, is my advice !!

indamb Sat 08-May-04 20:44:22

i have tried her again for the last few days at the advice of my health visitor. she claims she is fine to hold on for many hours (9 being the most) each time she has been hysterical when she finally let go. she is still no better and is obviously scared to let go . I will put her back in nappys and wait for a while.

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