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I think my daughter is addicted to brushing her hair?

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aliensandskeletons Mon 04-May-15 14:36:41

Hi, I'm concerned that my daughter (12) is obsessed with brushing her hair. She started doing it when she bought her first hairbrush. It's about the length of a tin, which makes it good for carrying in her purse. She never used to brush it, she actually hated it but since getting a purse-sized brush she carries it around with her, brushing every 10(or less) minutes. I'm scared she will pull out all her hair, and she also has minor Trichotillomania. She is already very self-concious, she wears mascara everyday (I'm also scared her eyelashes will fall out).

Is there anything I can do/tell her to make her cut it down? Or will it go after time?

Thanks. x smile

Ferguson Mon 04-May-15 19:01:55

Maybe have a look at this:


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