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Behaviour at school

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BigBird69 Sun 03-May-15 22:17:59

I have no behaviour issues with DS at home. Yes he is a 9 year old boy who tests the boundaries, but given reinforcement and praise, no issues. He goes to bed when asked, helps out around the place, he's an ok boy!!
School, on the other hand, is like lord of the flies. Broken window last term, accused of vandalism this! They phone me telling me he is going to be punished, I've got to pay for damage etc, etc. I accept that if he's doing wrong he must suffer the consequences, but what worries me is why it's happening ? I told teacher I do t have issues at home. She basically got angry ,said I am in denial of "what he's really like" and kids lie to their parents. I'm not saying he's a saint - I'm not even defending him but IMO he's in with a "bad" crowd, being easily led and trying to fit in. School implies it's all DS's fault. I'm really worried. Any wise words?

minilegofigure Sun 03-May-15 23:16:28

Has this just started this year or has school for your DS always been difficult? How was year 3?

My DS is awaiting a diagnoses of ASD. My Ds feels safe at home so he shows few behaviour issues but at school his anxiety goes through the roof . He gets really uptight about following school rules and friendship unwritten rules. He often gets things wrong and gets into trouble. I'm not saying your DS has ASD just wondering what has happened between the teacher and your DS which has created this situation?

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