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Why is DD 7.5 fighting me?

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BathshebaDarkstone Thu 30-Apr-15 13:23:00

Yesterday she had a full-blown tantrum at school because she wanted to pick up a feather on the way to school, I ended up having to drag her across the playground. She's GAT and has sensory issues with food, is this something else that goes along with it? She only seems to do it when she's overtired. I said "Either we run to school or I bring your uniform in (it was a dressing up day)." She said "Neither." Then after school I got a call from our XSW, the school had rung thinking I needed support. They always seem to want to change my behaviour and not assess DD. What's PDAS, that I've seen mentioned on another thread?

Goldmandra Fri 01-May-15 11:28:43

PDA is pathological demand avoidance which is a element of autism in that children can find an demand on them causes anxiety.

PDA can be diagnosed as a condition on its own which I guess would then be pathological demand avoidance syndrome. It seems to share a lot of symptoms with autism.

Parenting strategies used for PDA tend to revolve around giving children choices (although this can be a demand on its own) and trying to avoid issuing direct instructions.

Blaming your parenting is cheaper than putting in support for your DD. Is there something you think can be changed in school to help your DD cope better?

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