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Dd is 7 and very hairy - due to start swimming with school this term

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Tensmumym Wed 15-Apr-15 16:47:12

Dd has always been hairy - dark hair visible on arms, back and lower legs. She is due to start swimming with her school this term and I'm worried that she will be teased. She mentioned today for the first time that she had hair on her back and wondered why everyone didn't. I just said that everyone was different. I don't want to suggest an issue where there isn't one but would like to warn her that children might say something so that she isn't too shocked. They do get changed for PE in the classroom and she said today that her best friend has hair on her upper legs but she has fair hair. Probably best to say nothing but I just wondered if other parents had experienced anything similar?

holeinmyheart Wed 15-Apr-15 17:35:24

Yep one of my DDs is and was hairy. She is very dark. She became conscious around 11 and I caught her shaving her arms. I was obviously not keen on that. I never commented about the situation, ever. Until she brought it up.
However, I also was concerned about her being teased. I sought out the least harmful option. We went for waxing. You can get home kits. Now she is an adult, she shaves her legs but has her face and arms professionally waxed.
She is beautiful to look at, it is just a nuisance that she has such pale skin and black hair.

Tensmumym Wed 15-Apr-15 18:58:00

Thanks holeinmyheart. When your dd brought it up did she say that she had been teased?

holeinmyheart Wed 15-Apr-15 22:54:18

No I don't think she was teased. She just became aware of it as she approached the end of Primary School. It was only a little school.

She went on to an all Girls School. But again she wasn't teased, but she did go in for making sure she was hairless. I felt sorry for her as she had enough to worry about without adding hair to the list.

She hasn't got a dark top lip, or hair on her face. Her hairyness is confined to her lower arms and legs and the middle of her back. My other DD and my sons are fair and not hairy at all.
I am dark haired but practically hairless. However my husband, although fair, has very hairy arms and legs but a totally hairless torso. Weird thing hair.
So don't worry too much. Your DD will sort herself out. It is just a shame that there is so much pressure on them to conform.

Tensmumym Thu 16-Apr-15 11:04:55

Thanks very much holeinmyheart. It's good that your dd doesn't seem to have been teased. My dd is very quiet at school and not always immediately forthcoming if things are bothering her so I hope I'm aware if there is a problem. I'm like you, dark haired and very little body hair - even on my legs, which I've never shaved. Dd is of Indian origin and very hairy.

holeinmyheart Fri 17-Apr-15 15:42:50

My hairy DD is a total introvert. All her reports said holeintheheart's DD doesn't speak or contribute anything in class. Amazingly, unlike me.
However, she would speak to me if she was upset at school.
Next time I see her I will ask her about how she felt. I think now she is an adult she feels that getting rid of the hair is just something that has to be done.
My family are of White European origin, dark, blue eyed, but hairless. My husband family are blonde and blue eyed. My sons have no hair on their chests but their legs and arms are hairy. My other DD is blonde and blue eyed and hairless. I don't even have underarm hair to speak off.

It is just a shame that it is viewed as a problem, isn't it? Children have enough to worry about.
My hairy DDo is also the only one of us that hasn't got blue eyes.

Amazing thing, your genes.

mummabear1 Sat 06-Jun-15 00:54:06

Hi there.
My two girls 7 and 9 are also quite hairy. Pale skin and dark brown hair. I was worried they would be teased at school because of it. The eldest girl did a bit - hairy arms and legs (including thighs). She started shaving her lower legs at 7.5 years because she was very shy and hated the attention it gave her. Did wonders for her self esteem. She has a shaver with a huge safety soap on the top on it and has never cut herself and she does it about once a week in summer or for swimming in winter. The arms we left and I have to say they have thinned naturally a lot over the years and also lightened. No comments at all from anyone now.

My youngest girl comments from time to time about her arms but it doesnt bother her at all. She just gets irritated by the odd comment someone else makes. Luckily for her there are two other girls in her class with the same issue - one who has especially pale skin and black hairy arms so shes in good company.

Hopefully your little girls hair thins and lightens up a bit.

There are probably other girls who have freckly skin that hate exposing theirs in their swim suits as well. Or someone with a birthmark or a big scar.

All the best

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