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dangerous kids - what should we do

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helenmc Thu 18-Apr-02 13:29:15

last night between 7:45 and 8:30 our fence was set on fire - luckily one of the neighbours saw it and called the fire brigade, then knocked on our door, and DH went and put it out with a hose. We live in a bungalow and the fence is right outside her bedroom window. I always thought we lived in a reasonably nice area, but last year i feel that things have changed. DH has found lighters still alight dumped in our garden and on the pavement. Our next door neighbours garage was broken into and they tried to get over our gate but the security light frightened them off. Other neighbours had all their bikes swiped on another occasion. We've been here 13 years and know by sight to say hello to nearly every-one, and I'm sure these folks would be horrified if they knew what their kids were up to. We thought of just doing a dear neighbour letter asking if any-one knows anything to contact the police and hope that prompts parents to ask what their kids were up to last night. We have a lot of eldery folk in our road (one side is bungalows) and they are quite scared now. DH works away during the week and I don't want to be left on my own. I know kids get up to all sorts of prankes, but this is getting serious and being paranoid you read all sorts in the paper.. Should we look at moving area , these kids are only 10-11 what are they going to get up to in a couple of years?

WideWebWitch Thu 18-Apr-02 13:37:53

Helenmc, don't have any personal experience of this but could you try setting up a resident's association? The fire issue could be one of the first things discussed and tackled by everyone who lives locally. It sounds as if you live somewhere pleasant in that everyone knows everyone else (you don't get that everywhere IME) so maybe you could call on the community spirit to help sort things out?

A resident's association might also mean that some of the older residents get a chance to meet up a bit more often too and have their say. You could also try asking the local police what their advice would be?

Sorry if this sounds a bit Pollyanna, I'm not a bit like her!!

sister Thu 18-Apr-02 13:43:08

Helenmc, If I was you I would try to sort it out before thinking about moving. You could move and have the same problems.
Have you considered contacting the police and asking them about setting up a neighbourhood watch scheme? If you have got elderly people around then they could look out in the day. Also if a scheme was set up then the parents of the children involved could join it then maybe they would think twice about what their children are up to.

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