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Is this a sign of early teething or is DS just being awkward?

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twinklemegan Wed 01-Nov-06 23:20:00

The last few days DS has been very reluctant to feed from my left breast. He used to prefer this one to the other. He either screams when I try to latch him on, or comes off screaming after about a minute. He's also been trying to shove his fist in his mouth quite a lot. He's just over three months. I know this would be quite early for teething but I just wondered whether sucking on my left breast could be painful for him due to position of any new tooth coming through? Or is this a load of cobblers?

prettymum Wed 01-Nov-06 23:22:31

my ds is also just over 3 months and he has been so miserable the last two days. ive began to think he might be teething, when i rubbed his gums with my finger he seemed to find it soothing, he has been moaning in his sleep the last few hours!!

usandbump Thu 02-Nov-06 11:51:54

My DS is 15 weeks and often won't feed from my right breast. Other times he is absolutley fine, it baffles me! I just swap over and feed him from the left breast. But this does result in the left breast being quite a bit bigger than the other!!

Myrtle1 Wed 03-Jan-07 11:41:37

Twinklemegan, my Ds is 3.5 months and is doing exactly as you describe too. He seems to fuss more on the left breast sometimes and other times he is fine. For the last few days his fist is almost constantly in his mouth.
What happened for you in the end - was it a tooth??

nct73 Mon 26-Feb-07 08:42:42

Snap! With me its the right one suddenly not keen on unless I rugby ball her so is still lying in same direction as for left. Has spent the past week chewing fist, past few days grabbing front of top to chew(either hers or ours) and also grabbing our fingers for chewing. Is also really tetchy & unsettled. She is 11.5 weeks. She did look as though she had a full set of gnashers when born which was freaky but gums thickened. So was it teething with yours? Is there any danger if give any of the teething products too young esp if isnt teething?

Emprexia Mon 26-Feb-07 10:05:08

DS has been doing it on and off since 3mo old. We rub his gums or give him a towel or a cold carrot stick to chew on. On bad days we use a tiny bit of bonjela and a dose of calpol.

While they may not cut a tooth until 6mo or so,its still uncomfortable while they start to form in the gums.

dionnelorraine Mon 26-Feb-07 11:50:15

Yep. Sounds like teething to me. My dd is 2 now but she really suffered from 3.5 - 4 months with all those symptoms. I would say its very normal and nothing to worry about. Dig out the bonjella and rub gently on the gums. Worked wonders for my dd.
Watch out for th nappie rash too!

nct73 Mon 26-Feb-07 18:53:27

Dentinox calmed her then asleep within 5-10 mins. I guess it must be teething. I went with Dentinox as is from birth & says use when needed rather than ask doc if under 3 months or only every 3 hours. She has also started using the muslin cloth as a comforter which I prefer to her slobbering all over the front of her t-shirt which means she's all soggy when I pick her up to hug but esp when feeding as cold & damp on my tum.

AnnabelCaramel Mon 26-Feb-07 18:57:07

My ds had two teeth by the age of 4mnths, and whilst they were coming I really thought I'd picked up the wrong baby at playgroup he was so difficult. Hands were in his mouth all the time, crying pretty much non-stop and dribbling like a little tap.
So was I by the end of the day.

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