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Boys in the bath

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Natt Tue 27-Apr-04 10:56:00

Hello, am longtime mostly lurker. DS1 (3.5) and DS2 have become a bit obsessed by their willies in the bath and it has all escalated to stage where DS2 tries to grab Ds1's and DS1 says that he is going to wee on DS2 and then tries to. Anyone got any ideas as to how to put them off without making it all seem more fun (which my efforts to date seem to be doing)? Beginning to worry DS1 will start trying to wee on people at school. Any thoughts gratefully received

goosey Tue 27-Apr-04 11:01:36

Boys and their willies eh!!
All perfectly natural behaviour and quite funny, but if you don't want to encourage it then I would suggest bathing them separately or saying 'if you want to do a wee-wee then you'd better get out of the bath now', and remove him from the bath.

Natt Tue 27-Apr-04 11:05:35

Thanks, goosey, may have to do the separate bath thing as they are really getting a bit hysterical about it. I think the problem was I did laugh a lot at first and it reinforced it! Two baths might be a bit knackering though and suspect excluded boy would pester to get in but maybe that would have the desired effect...

Marina Tue 27-Apr-04 11:12:41

I don't blame you for laughing Natt, unfortunately I find this kind of silliness very funny (God knows why) and dh has to be the hygiene enforcer in our house.

Codswallop Tue 27-Apr-04 11:13:52

I just tell them not to and that willies are private ( good in case anyone ever tries to get them to show them).

I also tell ds1 it will fall off! therapy for years

Natt Tue 27-Apr-04 11:19:21

Maybe will try emphasising the private aspect - or get dp to. Like you Marina it all just makes me giggle so am very poor enforcer...

Kayleigh Tue 27-Apr-04 11:20:08

I have two boys 6 and 3 who are exactly the same. The latest game is to pass wind in the bath (she says trying to avoid the fart word!) and then smell the bubbles. And they are obsessed with their willies, weeing, pooing etc whether in or out of the bath. In fact any one of those words along with bottom, boobs, knickers or fart to name but a few, will send them into complete hysterics.

I try and ignore, and if it all gets too much I seperate them. Difficult to keep a straight face though sometimes

Codswallop Tue 27-Apr-04 11:24:51

I thik I had the wee thing once. I told them it was unhygenic and so on. they move on to somehting else then!

i do think they have to learn about privacy of parts as they get older. Friend had incident when her reception kid was being told to show his bum by another boy and the privacy thing woudl haev worked there.

gold123 Tue 27-Apr-04 11:27:25

my ds is exactly the same (he's 4) he is fascinated with his, when he goes to the toilet, he tries to see how far his wee will go (up the wall the other day) he keeps saying 'look mummy its getting bigger' I also tell him, if he keeps playing with it, it will fall off - its hard not to laugh though. A few months ago, my mum and dad where sitting in our lounge and ds said - Grandad, my daddy's got a fat willy, have you got a fat one ? I didn't know where to put myself !!

Natt Tue 27-Apr-04 11:28:29

Actually DS1 has started trying to display his bottom in public as well - I can see that it is time to stop cackling and talk about privacy. And DS2 picked up dog poo in the park to try and smear it on DS1 shouting "It's funneee"

gold123 Tue 27-Apr-04 11:30:26

Oh by the way, after the weeing up the wall incident, I made him clean it up himself - he found it less funny then.

Kayleigh Tue 27-Apr-04 12:02:02

gold123, LOL at the "fat willy"

when my friends son (now 13) was younger he told his teacher that his daddy "has a willy as big as an elephants trunk"

alexsmum Tue 27-Apr-04 15:54:33

Oh god pmsl at this thread!!! My little boy is 4 and he's just the same!!! I too find it quite funny but had to put a serious face on and be strict when he said he was going to wee on his brothers head. ( who was approx 6 months old at time)
He told me his willy felt sore the other day and I asked if I could have a little look and he told me " no mummy, its private"...NOW he takes notice of what I say!!!

meandthomas Wed 28-Apr-04 11:34:26

Hi, my sons only 6 months, I guess I've got all this to come. Reading your stories they seem quite amusing ... im sure it wont be quite so amusing when its happening but thanks for making me smile

Monkeysmum Wed 28-Apr-04 11:45:47

My eldest (3.5) likes to play 'what does my poo look like today' for example he will look at what he's produced and say, 'hmm that one looks like a shark', or 'look there's a mummy, daddy and a baby poo', I can't help but laugh which only encourages him. He's obssessed, his great grandmother rang up the other day, he said he wanted to speak to her then proceeded to tell her he'd just done an enormous smelly poo and to laugh hysterically.

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