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2yr old potty training regression and sleep changes. Normal?

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mimmymouse Wed 18-Mar-15 21:55:15

Our 2yr old DD was potty trained at New Year. Did brilliantly with wee. Poo took a bit longer, but she was great and sorted. Weeks went by with only a few accidents. Long car trips - no problem. Days out at the zoo - no problem. All good.

Nearly 3 weeks ago she figured out how to escape from her cot (in a throwing herself kind of way). She now has a bed guard on the side of the cot bed and has adjusted to sleeping in the "big girl" way relatively well.

However, since this happened she is having multiple wee and poo accidents. Days with 4 or 5 accidents are not uncommon. Equally, she can still take herself off to the toilet/potty and sort it out.

We have NO idea what is going on. We assumed it was because she was tired and now that she is almost back to normal (we reckon she is still about an hour a day down on sleep from where she was before the cot incident) we were hoping it would go back to normal.

But if anything it is getting worse. At nursery she is now pretty much just weeing in her pants all the time. We are really embarrassed about this.

Please share your experiences and let me know if this happened to you?! What did you do?

MrsFlannel Thu 19-Mar-15 10:36:23

Well is she just two? Or almost three? They do have ups and downs and it's quite normal to....especially if they've trained young.

mimmymouse Fri 20-Mar-15 08:39:13

She is 2yrs, 4 months. I agree it is normal to have ups and downs, our eldest certainly did - but not with this much regression!! That is why I asked.

goodegg273 Sun 26-Jul-15 20:57:34

Hi. I am experiencing something very similar at the moment and wondered how you resolved it. My daughter pretty much potty trained herself at age 21 months. She just took the potty and used it to poo and then we went away to Australia for a couple of months and she used the potty to pee. We have been back for 4 months now and she has suddenly regressed - not with poo but with pees. It has coincided with her jumping out of her cot and then us putting her in a 'big girl bed'. She is also getting about an hour's less sleep. How did you resolve it? I'm hoping you have! Hoping for advice! Thanks.

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